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Winter 2024 Recruitment

Welcome to the Interfraternity Council’s (IFC) Winter 2024 Recruitment! 

We are excited for you to take the first step of joining our community. 

Below is the Registration Form & Instructions for Payment ($43): 


You will receive a confirmation email thereafter certificating your registration. The payment of $43 is MANDATORY to complete the registration process. You will not be considered registered for rush until the payment is received. 

After you sign up, you will become prospective new members (PNMs), and will have embarked on your journey of finding your group of brothers. If a chapter believes you belong in their fraternity, you will be extended a bid (a formal invitation to join a fraternity).

The official IFC rush period will be from January 8th-10th, during Week 1 of Winter Quarter!


Jan. 8th Rush: Orientation & First Day of Official Rush

What: IFC will outline the rush process in person and highlight the many valuable aspects of joining a fraternity at UCLA. Prospective New Members will participate in “Meet the Greeks,” where students will be given a chance to meet a few brothers from each chapter. After, the group of students will be given a walk of the row, and allowed to begin visiting houses. 

Where: Covel Commons Grand Ballroom. 

When:  Orientation from 4:00pm-5:00pm; Official Rush from 5:00pm-9:00pm.


Jan. 9th Rush: Continue to Meet the Chapters 

What: Prospective New Members (PNMs) will be given the opportunity to continue meeting brothers of each chapter to help determine which chapter is best for you. We encourage you to spend more time at houses that you were interested in from the first the first day, and you may begin accepting bids.

Where: Verify your acceptance at the IFC tent at Strathmore/Gayley.

When: 5:00pm-9:00pm. 

*Please note that bids can begin being extended on this day* 

Jan. 10th Rush: Final Day 

What: On the final day of official rush, you will continue to engage in deep conversations that will help you and the chapters determine where the right place is for you. Chapters may continue handing out bids and PNMs may accept/hold/decline where necessary. 

Where: Verify your acceptance at the IFC tent at Strathmore/Gayley. 

When: 5:00pm-9:00pm. 


What happens after you are extended a bid? 

You have three options when you receive a bid: 

1) Accept the bid, become a new member of the fraternity, and assist your chapter with the rest of the rush process to build your new class! 

2) Hold the bid and take more time to decide whether or not to join the chapter. 3) Reject the bid. 

*You may not accept more than one bid. Doing so may disqualify you from recruitment.* 

We wish you all the best of luck in recruitment!

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