Winter 2021 Recruitment FAQ

Am I still able to rush?

Yes! Though recruitment this year will not look like the typical rush week, it will still occur through independent recruitment and will be lasting the entire quarter, as well as recruitment opportunities in winter and spring.


What is independent recruitment?

Independent recruitment allows chapters to recruit new members through separately scheduled events. These events will take place outside of chapter houses and will allow recruitment to take place and follow all social distancing protocols. For more details, please review the Independent Recruitment Policy.


What houses are rushing?

Below is a list of the chapters that will be participating in independent recruitment this Winter. Feel free to reach out to the chapters you are interested in! 

Alpha Epsilon Pi​

Eric Broman

(650) 678-3166

Beta Theta Pi

Andrew Freitas

(949) 701-8930

Delta Sigma Phi

Sopheaktra Sameth

(559) 290-2992

Kappa Sigma

RJ Maokhamphio

(916) 367-9551

Lambda Chi Alpha

Jordan Golan, Dan Hearn,
(925) 322-9053, (860) 391-9967

Phi Delta Theta

Nashif (Rush Chair)

@nasheef (Instagram)

Phi Kappa Psi

Dean Begun


Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE)

Daniel Cho

(661) 544-5178

Pi Kappa Phi

Jesse Han

(803) 318-5006

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Cullen Moes, Aidan Mark,

(805) 320-6613, (510) 684-4955

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Rishi Jaaswal

(203) 524-8297

Sigma Nu

Ryan Harrigan, Daniel Lilienfeld,

(714) 809-6564, (781) 929-7734

Sigma Pi

Cheney Sung

(503) 277-0569

Theta Chi

Will Tucker

(210) 560-2605

Theta Delta Chi

Micky Maganini

(630) 746-9302

Theta Xi

Nathan Wang

(858) 371-8801


Matthew Rodriguez

(559) 289-6429

Zeta Beta Tau

Giorgio Fatica



What if I am not in Westwood?

In this case the best thing to do is reach out directly to chapters in which you are interested and ask for a meeting over Zoom, Skype, etc.

Can I rush later in the year?

Yes, there will also be Spring Rush this year. Typically, all chapters participate in Winter Rush, and most participate in Spring Rush.

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