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Fall 2021 Recruitment FAQ

Is IFC holding an in-person Fall Recruitment?

Yes, IFC will be returning to an in-person format for recruitment, however some chapters may host additional online rush events. Please visit the registration page to sign up, as it is mandatory.

Fall 2021 Formal Recruitment Timeline


September 20th - 2:30-3:00PM: PNM Orientation #1, 4:00-4:30PM: PNM Orientation #2

  • Location: Covel Commons


September 21st - 4:00-9:00PM: 1st day of recruitment

  • PNM Group 1 free to visit chapters 1-11

  • PNM Group 2 free to visit chapters 12-22


September 22nd - 4:00-9:00PM: 2nd day of recruitment

  • PNM Group 1 free to visit chapters 12-22

  • PNM Group 2 free to visit chapters 1-11


September 23rd - 5:00-9:00PM: 3rd day of recruitment

  • 1st day chapters may begin extending bids

  • PNMs free to visit any chapter


September 24th - 5:00-9:00PM: 4th day of recruitment

  • chapter bidding continues

  • PNMs free to visit any chapter


September 25th - 5:00-9:00PM: 5th and final day of recruitment

  • Final day of chapter bidding

  • PNMs free to visit any chapter

Fall 2021 Virtual Recruitment Timeline

Chapters are able to begin hosting virtual recruitment events starting September 27th, after formal recruitment has concluded. The chapters that host virtual events will release their schedule of events at a later date.

What houses are rushing?

Below is a list of the chapters that will be participating in Fall Recruitment! Feel free to reach out to the chapters you are interested in! 

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Eric Broman 

(650) 678-3166

Alpha Gamma Omega

Ethan Nishikawa

(626) 512-7182

Lance Ding

(949) 355-1311

Beta Theta Pi

Andrew Freitas 

(949) 701-8930

Delta Sigma Phi

Jorge Velazquez

(424) 335-1915

Kappa Sigma

Adam ElSayed

(951) 850-8754


Lambda Chi Alpha

Jordan Golan

(925) 322-9053


Dan Hearn

(860) 391-9967


Phi Kappa Psi

John Griffin



Matt Sargent



Adam Muzzarelli



Phi Kappa Sigma

Joesph Thomas


Pi Kappa Alpha

Daniel Cho

(661) 544-5178

Pi Kappa Phi

Jesse Han

(803) 318-5006

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Aidan Mark

(510) 684-4955

Cullen Moes


Jack Pearce


Sigma Chi

Jake Elisius


Austin Clack

(415) 686-3782

Sigma Nu

Daniel Lilienfeld

(781) 929-7734

Ryan Harrigan

(714) 809-6564

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Jacob Schwarz


Sigma Pi

Cheney Sung

(503) 277-0569

Theta Chi

Will Tucker

(210) 560-2605

CJ Ezratty

(949) 800-9742

Alex Marcellin

(408) 497-3473

Theta Delta Chi

Riley Ryan


Theta Xi

DJ Tinsley


Bilal Qureshi

(214) 277-3340


Matthew Rodriguez

(559) 289-6429

Zeta Beta Tau

Sam Seidel

(310) 745-2774

Jake Romoff

(206) 499-9070


What if I am not in Westwood?

Some fraternities will be holding online recruitment options. IFC will release information about online recruitment options at a later date. To register and receive updates about online recruitment, complete the following Google Form:

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