Register with IFC

If you want to participate in the recruitment process, the earlier you register with the IFC the better. Registration is required for anyone interested in joining an IFC fraternity. In order to expedite the process, the IFC has set up an online registration system. Link is below. There is a $40 registration fee to rush, and this will increase to $50 on September 1st so sign up today.


ORIENTATION (Monday 9/23)

Pre-Recruitment Events

Location: Grand Horizon Room Covel Commons

Mandatory PNM Orientation: 2-2:45 PM

All Fraternity BBQ: 2:45-4 PM


DAY 1 (Tuesday 9/24)

On-Site Recruitment: 4 - 9 PM

Red Group Attends Chapters 1-10

Blue Group Attends Chapters 11-20


DAY 2 (Wednesday 9/25)

On-Site Recruitment: 4 - 9 PM

Red Group Attends Chapters 11-20

Blue Group Attends Chapters 1-10


DAY 3 (Thursday 9/26)

On-Site Recruitment: 5 - 9 PM

PNM’s Free to Visit All Chapters


DAY 4 (Friday 9/27)

On-Site Recruitment: 5 - 9 PM

PNM’s Free to Visit All Chapters


DAY 5 (Saturday 9/28)

On-Site Recruitment: 4 - 8 PM

PNM’s Free to Visit All Chapters


You are automatically assigned to groups 1 and 2 based off of your last name's first initial:

Red Group: Last Initial A-K

Blue Group: Last Initial L-Z


Helpful Hints and Tips

What is Fraternity Recruitment?
Recruitment, also known as "Rush", is the activity by which fraternities seek new members. Fall recruitment consists of five days, in which, potential new members are free to visit any of the chapters. There is no formal dress code for the week, we suggest you dress as you normally would, fraternities do not want something you are not. There is no limit to the number of houses that potential new members must visit; however, we suggest that you visit more than one house so that you can see the wide variety of fraternities that UCLA has to offer.


How do you join?
The honor of receiving a bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. Bids may be extended to a potential new member after the fraternity has gotten to know him. Potential new members should not feel pressured or obligated to accept a bid. There is no time frame in which a bid will be given to an individual. Potential new members may receive numerous bids from different fraternities but can only accept one. Potential new members are encouraged to meet as many fraternity men as possible and should not concentrate on obtaining a bid from a single fraternity. Rushing more than one fraternity allows a potential new member to meet many new people during the recruitment process, even if he does not receive or accept a bid from a group. 

Receiving a bid:
Upon receiving a bid, you have three options:


  1. You can accept the bid. This is the first step to joining a particular fraternity. Upon accepting a bid, you end your recruitment process.

  2. You can hold the bid. By doing so, you get the opportunity to visit other chapters or think over your decision more carefully. Take your time and decide what is best for you.

  3. You can decline the bid. You should only decline a bid if you are 100 percent sure that the particular fraternity is not for you. If you hold a bid and later choose to decline it, please be respectful and contact the fraternity that offered you the bid and let them know. This way they will not waste their time trying to contact you when you have already accepted a bid elsewhere.


After Accepting a Bid:
The period between the moment when a new member accepts his bid and his initiation as a full brother is known as new member education (Some fraternities use the term associate member process or pledgeship). During new membership, you will learn about your fraternity, get to know its brothers, and become close to those in your pledge class. Your new member class often will work together on one or more projects that promote pledge class unity. As a new member class, you will learn the ideals of the fraternity and grow in all aspects of life. New membership can be one of the most memorable, valued times of your college career. The length of new member education programs must be consistent with the requirements of each inter/national fraternity. Program length varies from chapter to chapter; however, the average program is about 8 weeks.