Fees and Housing

Do fraternities provide housing?

  • Most of the general fraternities operate chapter houses adjacent to the campus which provide the opportunity for small group living. Since the membership recruitment process occurs during the quarter, new students should secure their own housing for the fall. Typically, freshmen and transfers live on-campus in residence halls or apartments, and many then move into fraternity houses their second year (residence hall contracts are on an annual basis).


Must I live in the chapter house if I wish to join a residential Greek organization?​

  • Less than half of the members of residential Greek organizations live in the chapter houses in any given quarter, although most members do live in the chapter house for part of their tenure at UCLA.

  • Most organizations require that members, except for local students who live at their parents’ home, reside in the chapter house for a minimum of one year.


How much does it cost to be a member of a social fraternity in 2019?​


Given the benefits provided, Greek membership is a bargain. However, students should consider the costs in planning their personal budgets:


  • Average New Member Fees for the first quarter:  $650.  Lowest is $150 and highest is $1,050

  • Average Live-Out Fees per member per quarter:  $626

  • Average Live-In Fees per member per quarter including room, board, and dues:  $2,082.  Lowest is $775 and highest is $3,850

  • Average Cost to Live in UCLA Residence Hall per quarter: $4,968.00

What is the membership indoctrination process?

  • Most organizations require their members to complete a probationary period, sometimes called "pledgeship" prior to initiation for the purpose of orientation and member development. During this time you’ll learn the history, traditions and operating procedures of the organization and participate in activities to get to know the members better.

  • Organizations use various terms to refer to their pre-initiates, including "pledge," "new member," "associate member," and "candidate."

  • The duration of the new member period varies from four weeks to an entire quarter. Some organizations require new members to achieve a certain grade point average during their "pledge" quarter in order to qualify to be initiated.